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What Is My Advertising Pays (MAPS)?

Watch video HERE to learn about MAPS.

My Advertising Pays is an online traffic exchange program. The way traffic exchange programs work is by allowing fellow internet marketers and businesses to advertise their own products or websites.

In turn for these free advertisements, the advertiser agrees to click on 10 ads per day, which will take between 10-30 seconds for each one. That’s around 5 minutes per day!

My Advertising Pays serves as a paid traffic exchange program. They sell their advertising in the form of $49.99  credit packs, which qualifies you to participate in the profit sharing program, and sees you being paid every 20 minutes.

Basically with MAPS, you have two ways to earn money.
1). Refer people to the program and get a 10% referral commission on the credit packs purchased by your referrals.
2). Participate in the profit sharing plan by purchasing MAPS credit packs (With a 20% return on investment).

Most people do both, but the real focus with MAPS is buying the Credit Packs. And of course to buy as many packs as you can afford to reap the real benefits of profit sharing.


Do You Absolutely Hate Writing Articles?

If you hate writing articles then you are not alone. Many people cringe at the thought of trying to come up with enough information let alone a topic.

Here are a few things you can do to help you write a perfect article.

Headline Must Be Attention-Grabbing

Your headline should reflect the results you want to achieve whether they are desirable, specific, real, targeted or intriguing. Some of the great headlines begin with:
How to…
10 Top Secrets…
Top 5 Ways…
The Hidden Cost…
A Proven System…

Opening Sentence Must be Interesting

One of the more traditional types of opening sentences asks a question, reveals something that is startling, injects emotion, provides facts or proof or presents a problem. Some of the opening remarks used are:
Did you know…?
How many of these…?
I bet you’re frustrated…
According to new studies…
One of the biggest problems…

Body of Article Should Determine Points of Interest

This is particularly important if you are writing a “how to” article. You can use each of the bullet points or any other points you can come up with, to fill in the blanks. Your writing should be personal, positive, practical and to the point.

Closing Paragraph

You should close your article with a “call to action.” In other words, if you are promoting a product you need your reader to go to your website or resource box. Leave the reader with useful but incomplete content which will spur them on to visiting your website for more information.

There you have it! That is how to write an article. It really isn’t hard if you put a bit of thought into the construction of the article first.


More “Seniors” Are Using the Internet Every Day

Are you ever too old to learn how to use the internet? The answer of course is “never!”

Being over 60 myself, I am proof that you can learn new things. I’ve been internet marketing for 9 years and I love what I do. It’s often challenging, but I work my way through it and ask for help when I need it. This is an important step in your learning because you need someone to hold your hand while you learn.

I’ve done many courses and a lot of them are filled with “fluff” and no real substance. Many invite you to join their webinars and they spend the first 30 minutes telling you how much they’ve made and show “proof” of their earnings. All I want is for them to show me HOW they did it! It is easy enough to do when you know how and what you need to look for when choosing products.

You can choose to promote affiliate products on your site or you may decide to write an ebook or design a training course to sell online. I have written an ebook titled “Simple Guide to Affiliate Marketing, Step-by-step instructions for beginners” and an ecourse “Website Marketing Tips & Tricks”. Both of these guides are set out simply to show you how easy it is to begin.

You may not want to sell anything at all. You can use a website for so many different reasons and that is the beauty of the internet. If you have a passion for something such as fishing, you could set up a website sharing ideas and information with others, and it is so easy to set up a forum of your own.

I have spent many hours training myself on how to use the internet and my websites are built using premium WordPress blog templates. An example of one of the templates I use is this site. I am still adding to it and will probably keep changing it, but it gives you an idea of how they look.

I will be adding more training to my website in the next few months so keep coming back to check on my progress.


Why You Need to Do Keyword Research

Deciding on a niche can be made a whole lot easier if you do your keyword research. According to Wikipedia, “Keyword research is a practice used by search engine optimization professionals to find and research actual search terms people enter into the search engines when conducting a search.”

In other words, you need a domain name which has a keyword in it so that you have more chances of being found by the search engines. The easiest way to do your keyword research is to pick a topic and niche it down until you have the right combination. As an example, let’s look at “weight loss” as your topic.

Go to www.googleeasysearch.com which will take you to Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Type in “weight loss” where it says enter one keyword or phrase, type in the characters below and then press “Get keyword ideas.” You will then see a lot of keywords listed below.

Look under “Local Search Volume” and the ideal number of searches you want should be between 30,000 – 70,000 hits per month. The higher the search, the lower the competition. I have looked up “weight loss” and I have found a keyword “weight loss recipes” which has been clicked on 49,500 times so is well inside the range.
All you need to do now is to come up with a title which has “weight loss recipes” in it and you have an excellent chance of being found.

If you want to advertise using many of the keywords you have found, then just click “add” and they will be compiled into a text or CSV format. Sign up to AdWords to create your AdWords account and then paste all the keywords you have chosen into your new campaign.

So you now have a new domain to work with and you have the keywords needed to start your advertising.


Where Do I Find Shopping Carts for My Site?

For most people this is a very daunting exercise and knowing where to start can be a major task.

If you are selling a product or products on your site, you need to set up a shopping cart so that it is all handled automatically for you. A shopping cart will handle the transaction, collect the payment, deliver the product if it’s an electronic product and collect the name and email address of your customer.

There are quite a few different options when it comes to choosing a shopping cart, and the following are just a sample.

PayPal – if you already have a PayPal account then this is probably one of the easiest systems to use. The other major benefit is that this account is free except for the normal PayPal fees and charges.

1ShoppingCart – this is very well known not only for helping you set up a shopping cart, but  also has a great autoresponder which gives you the ability to follow up with emails automatically. This system is not free, but it offers a few different options to choose from.

Zen Cart Software – you don’t need a university degree to download and set up this shopping cart! Once again this is free so take advantage of it if you are short on funds.

3dcart – once again this system is easy to implement with plans to suit stores of any size, a multitude of features available with all plans, and excellent customer support that goes beyond the software use.

volusion – is easy to use and has a web design that can adapt to mobile devices. Volusion is one of the best shopping cart solutions because it has an easy-to-use interface, great security and features that can grow with your business.

As with all these shopping carts it does take patience and time to learn how to set them up properly, but once completed they can be set up to work automatically for you.

If you’re selling an electronic product such as an ebook, the only time you’ll know about a sale is when you receive an email telling you! No more packing or posting goods out.


What is LinkTrackr?

LinkTrackr helps you track your ad campaigns & affiliate links in real-time.

Their unique reporting system helps you discover which ads and links are making money, and weed out the ones that are not.

100% web-based and easy to use, LinkTrackr is the trusted marketing system for professional marketers & super-affiliates.

If you want to be one of the select few people who make a six or seven figure income online, you need a marketing system that works. All super affiliates and gurus spend a huge fortune creating, tweaking and improving their online marketing system to get an unfair advantage over everyone else.

With LinkTrackr, you get the same powerful link tracking and link cloaking software most professional marketers use, but at a fraction of the cost.

LinkTrackr is a web-based Internet marketing tool designed to give you an upper hand and help you dominate your niche market with little time or effort.


Does Your Niche Have too Much Competition?

Choosing a niche is easy enough to do but finding one which does not have a lot of competition is getting harder and harder. You need to “stand out from the crowd” in your chosen niche.

You may have a particular hobby or interest that you’d like to promote and build a business from, but where do you start? You want to choose a topic that is already popular and you want to find a niche within it.

To illustrate this point, let’s pick a topic such as “cosmetics”. If you search for that topic in Google you will find over 179 million listings! This is your competition! So it’s time to start searching to niche it down.

Once you start searching keywords you will find many different variations for using cosmetics. I added “cosmetics” into the Google Adword Keyword Planner and started to look for a niche which had less competition. I’ve come up with “makeup tips” which has just over 27,000 searches a month, globally, so as you can see I’ve really been able to niche it down to a more manageable niche. I looked for a niche which had more than 25,000 but less than 70,000 searches a month.

If you can find a niche which has between 25,000 and 70,000 listings, you have a far greater chance of being found in the search engines. Really promote your niche with lots of articles and advertising to get your brand out there and be noticed.

Once you have that perfect niche you can really stand out from the crowd by getting as much traffic to your site as you can. If you have something that people really want, you can set yourself up as being an expert in the field giving them the answers they’re looking for.

When people search for information such as “makeup tips”, they expect to find a site which has expert advice and ideas, so your site needs to be found. Promote your site everywhere you can, online and offline and create a list of very satisfied customers who will keep coming back to your site for more.

Don’t waste your time picking a niche with too much competition because your site will never be found by the search engines.

Learn more about finding a niche by clicking HERE



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How to Make Your Website or Blog Stand Out

There are many websites online which to me look very boring! The reason they’re so boring is that they lack color and interest.

I don’t know how many times I’ve opened up a site and all you see is text only. I don’t know about you, but if I open a site like that I don’t stay very long.

With the addition of a couple of photos you can really enhance the look of your website. There are many sites you can obtain free photos as well as paying a small price for some very good quality ones. Here’s just a few of them:

If you have a website about grooming dogs for example, the number of photos you could use would be endless. You don’t have to necessarily fill the site with only photos of dogs, you could also show photos of dog grooming products, accessories for dogs or dog training. You don’t want to put too many of the same type of photo on the site because it won’t prompt your visitors to explore the many different aspects you are portraying.

Experiment with different sizes of photos on your site to add a unique theme to it. You don’t necessarily have to use colored photos either. Black and white photos have become very fashionable and can give your site a very professional look.

If you’re building a new site don’t forget to add photos to add color.


Why You Need a Team of Experts to Help You Succeed

When I say that you need a team of people around you to be successful, I don’t mean that you have to go out and employ people.

What I really mean is that you need people such as mentors, networking groups and online forums to guide you along the way. So how can they help you?

Everyone needs a mentor to teach you what you need to know to start your own business and give you tips and advice along the way. Many of us who have online businesses wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for mentors. I personally have a number of mentors, simply because I learn something from each of them. The information I get from them is invaluable and is enabling me to go forward in my business. I met my first mentor 25 years ago and I still work on the principles he taught me so long ago! You may have heard of Jack Canfield who wrote the series of books, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.

Networking Groups
I learned a long time ago that if you want to promote your business you need to network. Networking has allowed me to “advertise” my business without paying a cent in advertising costs. You may not make contact with each other initially but somewhere down the track they may just call you up and ask if you can help them. You may feel that there is someone in your networking group who can help you too. I personally belong to a couple of networking groups because it really is a numbers game. The more people you meet the more chance you have to get your name out there.

Online Forums
Online forums are also a great way to network and a way to find answers to any problems you may have. Pick a forum in your niche and you will be amazed at how much information you will find and you may also be offered the opportunity to do some work for some of the members.

Don’t ever feel that you are alone if you have a home-based business. There are always plenty of people out there willing to help you.