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Monthly Archives:October 2014


7 Simple Steps for Writing An eBook

Did you know that ebooks are now outselling physical books on Amazon? Who would have thought that within a few short years the market would change so dramatically.

Nowadays you can write an ebook within a few days to a couple of weeks and publish it yourself digitally and market it straight away. The process is not dissimilar to writing a physical book in that you have to follow the basic steps to complete your publication. Here is a list of 7 steps to help you accomplish your goal.

  1. Mindmap Your Ideas – before you begin to write you need to research various niches and ideas to decide what will be most appealing to the market. There are thousands of markets to choose from so niche your choice down before you make the final decision. For example; if you decided to write about fish for fish tanks, choose either freshwater or tropical fish. Do they have any specific health issues or do they need special requirements for survival? The answer could be your niche to focus on.
  2. Research – this is the most important task in being able to put together an ebook that is filled with informative and helpful advice. This is where Google becomes your best friend! You can research just about every subject and get a ton of information to use, such as who’s buying in your niche and what are they paying? What keywords are they using and what methods are they using to sell their product eg. social media, website, blog, offline etc. Look at other ebooks in your niche using Amazon as a tool. You may find an ebook you really like so it could be helpful to buy it. All of this information will be used as the foundation for your ebook.
  3. Work Out Chapter Headings – from the information gathered you should be able to work out what your chapter headings are going to be and whether or not you’ll add sub-headings. This will be your Table of Contents and is a useful guide for when you start writing. Just remember when working out your headings that your potential customer may be looking for a particular solution to a problem, so word them appropriately.
  4. Start Writing – some people say that it is very hard to write but with your chapter headlines as a guide it really does break it down a piece at a time. Write in conversational style and don’t get off the track. Don’t go into too much descriptive detail, instead be direct and to the point. Keep in mind when writing, who your target audience is and make it easy reading. Most people these days are extremely busy so you don’t want to turn them off by giving them information which is of no use to them. Don’t worry about correcting mistakes along the way. Put down your thoughts and leave the details to later.
  5. Edit Your Work – incorrect spelling and punctuation has become a bugbear with many people so don’t antagonize your readers by not having an outside source editing your ebook. You may think you’ve done a great job but others may not, so take the time to edit properly.
  6. Ask Others to Critique Your eBook before Publishing – it’s very useful having others read your ebook and giving you their opinion. If there are issues with chapters or the content, then it is better to sort it out before it’s made public. It’s a very good idea to have a couple of people read it so that you get an overall view of whether or not it’s going to sell. Don’t be insulted if you get unfavorable opinions as this information could determine the viability of your ebook and gives you a chance to rectify the situation.
  7. Publish Your eBook – this is an important step in the process and you have to decide whether or not you want to promote it from your website or blog, or sell it through a publisher such as Amazon. With Amazon you have the option of publishing it using Kindle Direct Publishing, and as long as you follow the instructions and rules, it could be a great platform to launch your publication. You also have the option of designing your own ecover or use the tools to build one on their site. The cover will often sell an ebook just because it looks great.

The hard work is done and your ebook is published! Your next task is to promote it so that you sell many, many copies!