Don’t Go to Your Grave With the Music Still In You!

“Don’t go to your grave with the music still in you” was a saying I heard from Bob Proctor (The Secret) many years ago and it has resonated with me ever since. So what does it mean? It means, don’t go to your grave: Without writing that book you’ve always wanted to write Without taking…

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Use These Tips to Make Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing is labeled as a killer method when it comes to effective low-cost Internet marketing endeavors. This is because it is the most widely-used and has the best reputation in bringing targeted traffic to websites. It is used to stay in touch with your customers or prospective customers, send out invitations, or make special…

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Aim for Success

Thinking and acting in a positive manner is part of training yourself to feel and believe you are positive in your approach to things, and that you are going to be successful. It is a self fulfilling prophecy! However it only works if you make it work! First of all, you do need to plan…

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10 Ways to Make Money with PLR Products

When you buy a product with rights to resell, you only will have the authority to sell such product to others. However, when you buy a certain product with private label rights, then you not only have the authority to sell such product to others but you will have the alternative in selling the “resale…

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What Is My Advertising Pays (MAPS)?

Watch video HERE to learn about MAPS. My Advertising Pays is an online traffic exchange program. The way traffic exchange programs work is by allowing fellow internet marketers and businesses to advertise their own products or websites. In turn for these free advertisements, the advertiser agrees to click on 10 ads per day, which will take…

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Do You Absolutely Hate Writing Articles?

If you hate writing articles then you are not alone. Many people cringe at the thought of trying to come up with enough information let alone a topic. Here are a few things you can do to help you write a perfect article. Headline Must Be Attention-Grabbing Your headline should reflect the results you want…

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More “Seniors” Are Using the Internet Every Day

Are you ever too old to learn how to use the internet? The answer of course is “never!” Being over 60 myself, I am proof that you can learn new things. I’ve been internet marketing for 9 years and I love what I do. It’s often challenging, but I work my way through it and ask…

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Another Way to Increase Traffic to Your Site

The first thing you need to do is to join one of the many blog networks. Within a blog network you are able to share links with other bloggers under the “network” umbrella. Just suppose that I, as an internet marketer, wrote a post about someone else’s blog post on the network about the same…

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Why You Need to Do Keyword Research

Deciding on a niche can be made a whole lot easier if you do your keyword research. According to Wikipedia, “Keyword research is a practice used by search engine optimization professionals to find and research actual search terms people enter into the search engines when conducting a search.” In other words, you need a domain…

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Where Do I Find Shopping Carts for My Site?

For most people this is a very daunting exercise and knowing where to start can be a major task. If you are selling a product or products on your site, you need to set up a shopping cart so that it is all handled automatically for you. A shopping cart will handle the transaction, collect…

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